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SNIPER EXTREME   used by Specialist Military and Police Operators worldwide   SEIZE THE BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE with 21ST century ammunition

 -  We have a purpose built manufacturing facility at Faldingworth, occupying over 600 square meters of floor space.

 -  A Large energetic storage capability up to 1.1

 -  We have production facilities capable of producing over 2 million rounds of Sniper ammunition per year.

 -  Production facilities for 1.1 products.

 -  A skilled workforce used to dealing with complex energetic products.

 -  We are licensed for all types of energetics and pyrotechnics  including 1.1

 -  Home Office approved for Section 5 weapons and ammunition

 -  CIP approved for all types of small arms ammunition up to 12.7

 -  An ISO 9001 company


 -  A purpose built 260 square meter R&D facility with 2 indoor ranges and a full suite of ballistic test equipment.

 -  Knowledgeable trained staff

 -  25 meter Fully instrumented ballistic test range ·

 -  10 meter fully instrumented C-IED test range.

 -  Licensed areas for load development and testing to NATO, CIP and SAAMI standards

 -  High Speed Video, standard video capture

 -  Velocity and Pressure, CIP, SAAMI and EPVAT

 -  Light and sound recording

 -  Target impact analysis

 -  Sand and Dust Ingression testing

 -  Outdoor 100 meter range, with Accuracy and Armour testing


 -  Outdoor 100 meter range, for Accuracy and Armour testing

 -  Covered Firing Points at 25 and 100 meters

 -  Accuracy Test rig for all calibres up to .50BMB

 -  Load Development workshop

 -  Facilities for Pressure and Velocity readings

 -  NEW 300 meter range under construction

Dedicated Research & Development department and with indoor and outdoor test ranges, as well as all the technical and practical support equipment, we are able to prototype, test and manufacture specialist ammunition and products, all on the same site.


We offer our R&D facilities to other Companies, Military and Law Enforcement units and over the years we have developed a range of different products that have met specialist and specific requirements. During this time we have built up an enviable reputation in being able to bring technical and practical solutions to meet the needs of our clients, from concept to completion. All development work, manufacturing and testing is done at our site, giving us full control of the project, without the need to involve third party contractors. This ensures confidentiality and security, particularly on sensitive projects.


When it comes to ammunition, many weapons manufacturers recognise the value of working with us, in optimising the accuracy of their respective weapons platforms, enhancing their weapons systems and enabling them to offer the most accurate weapon and ammunition packages to their clients. We have and continue to work with some of the biggest and most respected Defence Companies in the industry. We have the ability to react quickly, regardless of the challenges and to come up with the best and most highly    effective solution to meet their needs.


We currently work with Police and Special Forces units both in the UK and aboard, developing specialist products for their ever changing needs. We always welcome the opportunity to work with Law Enforcement, Military, Special Forces and Security Companies who require special solutions to meet specific requirements.


Our facilities are available to hire on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly   basis. We try to tailor our services to meet the needs of small and large   companies, always looking at the best solution to the challenges they face.

precision    RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT AT sniper extreme  ammunition

UK SALES: Direct Contact: 0044(0)7803 591756

UK SALES: Head Office: 0044 (0)1777 871310

UK Manufacturing: 0044 (0)1673 866200

UK R&D: 0044 (0)1673 265055

USA SALES:  00 (1) 267 733 2573

An ISO9001 company fully homologated to CIP.

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